Rephase was founded in 2003 by Viviana Giovannini, brand Founder and President, to inspire new, more conscious and authentic beauty that both nourishes heart and mind, flooding them with energy, and is an expression of our soul.

A new beginning, a journey into the world of beauty, in which each phase triggers the next, stimulating sensations, pleasure and emotions until complete wellbeing that satisfies both body and soul is achieved... hence the name Rephase.

logo Rephase


REPHASE, brand of Vivipharma S.p.A. group, is a cosmetic line that combines intuition and passion, avant-garde science and advanced biotechnological research, aiming at preserving the well-being and youthfulness of the skin.

The collection of REPHASE ALTA COSMESI skin care products is completed by a line of refined and original fragrances: REPHASE PARFUMS.


The mission of Rephase is to preserve the youthful capital of the skin over time. To do this, beauty rituals are created, as special and precious moments to be experienced to regenerate and amaze yourself, reconnecting to your individuality and giving a charge of vital energy through self-care and care of your skin.

The brand is based on the philosophy of knowing how to give time to yourself, to love yourself, to enjoy moments of well-being and pleasure, which is expressed through the high sensorial quality of cosmetics with modern, melting and refined textures.


Rephase cosmetics, characterized by high reliability and technical functionality, are designed and manufactured in Vivipharma laboratories, which for over 40 years, have been developing products of excellence for the care and beauty of skin and hair, with cutting-edge production standards and strict controls in full compliance with safety and efficacy processes.

Continuous research, tradition and innovation, combined with the experience of the company's chemists, biologists, cosmetologists and researchers, allow the development of new ideas and increasingly exclusive formulations and the filing of international patents, true intellectual assets that the company protects and preserves over time.

The study of each Rephase Alta Cosmesi treatment is carried out in compliance with the highest quality standards, carefully tested clinically and dermatologically certified by the most prestigious Italian Universities.
The production of limited quantities and the selective distribution to Partners who share the values of excellence and quality contribute to the uniqueness of the brand.


The cosmetic line for skin care, REPHASE Alta Cosmesi, holds the secrets to bring about a new beauty, pure expression of well-being and happiness of the human soul.

A careful selection of precious raw materials, such as 24K Gold, Platinum, Silver, Diamond, Emerald and Topaz, together with precious ingredients of natural origin (up to 99.6%), bio-phytoextracts of rare plants and functional active ingredients of high biotechnology, are all essential components to achieve the most innovative and expert formulations. This is how different families of products are born, highly performing, of great quality and technicality, which act to counteract the signs of skin aging.

The essence of the brand is enclosed in the elegant and exclusive packaging, which illuminates and reflects beauty in all its forms and in the double V that leads back to Viviana Giovannini, the President and to Vivipharma, the research and production company, the two hearts of Rephase.


Experience and know-how are the precious ingredients that have always accompanied high quality Rephase cosmetics. The luxury brand celebrates all aspects of beauty with the creation of fine, elegant and exclusive niche fragrances.

The Project Manager Roberto Casadio together with master perfumers, thus embarked on an exciting olfactory experience that culminated in the creation of a Private Collection in 2019 featuring five unisex fragrances with invisible, timeless alchemies. An evocative journey in which top, middle and base notes work hand in hand with visual imagery to evoke memories, sensations and emotions. Notes that speak of us, with the ability to tell our story without any need to describe us. New, refined olfactory paths and accords that continue the Rephase expertise tradition.