Rephase was founded in 2003 by Viviana Giovannini, brand founder and president, to inspire new, more conscious and authentic beauty that both nourishes heart and mind, ooding them with energy, and is an expression of our soul. A new beginning, a journey into the world of beauty, in which each phase triggers the next, stimulating sensations, pleasure and emotions until complete wellbeing that satises both body and soul is achieved... hence the name Rephase.
“Being beautiful is the noblest weakness
of our soul.”

Founder Rephase Alta Cosmesi
REPHASE is the cosmetic spearhead.

Highly reliable and technically eeffective, Rephase cosmetics are developed and manufactured in Vivipharma laboratories, which have been developing premium hair and skincare products for more than 40 years in line with cutting-edge production standards and stringent controls, in full compliance with safety and eefficacy processes. Continuous research, tradition and innovation, combined with the expertise of in-house chemists, biologists, cosmetologists and researchers bring new ideas, increasingly exclusive formulas and international patents: intellectual property that the company protects to preserve over time. Each Rephase Advanced Skincare treatment is developed in compliance with the highest quality standards, is thoroughly clinically tested and is dermatologically certified by Italy's most prestigious universities. The production of limited quantities and selective distribution to partners who share the values of quality and excellence contribute to making the brand unique.
The beauty laboratory

Vivipharma S.p.A. Group brand, the REPHASE cosmetic line combines intuition and passion, cutting-edge science and advanced biotechnological research with one aim: maintaining youthful, healthy skin. A line of original and sophisticated fragrances completes the REPHASE ADVANCED SKINCARE collection: REPHASE PARFUMS.
a precious ally

The Rephase mission is to preserve the skin's youth capital over time. This it does by creating beauty rituals - precious, special moments that regenerate and amaze - that allow us to reconnect with our individuality and boost energy through self-care and skin care.

A brand philosophy centred around knowing how to make time for oneself, to love oneself, to indulge in moments of pleasure and wellbeing, that translates into highly sensorial cosmetics with refined, modern, melt-in textures.
The call of beauty

The cosmetic line for skin care, REPHASE Alta Cosmetics, holds the secrets to reviving beauty, a pure expression of well-being and happiness for the human soul. A careful selection of precious materials, such as 24k Gold, Platinum, Silver, Diamond, Emerals and Topaz, toghether with precious natural origined ingredients (up to 99,6%), bio-phytoectracts of rare plants and functional active ingredients with high biotechnology, are all essential components to reach the most innovative and expert formulations. Giving birth to different families of product, highly performing, high in quality and in technicality, that act to contrast the signs of skin aging.

The essence of the brand is inclosed in the elegant and exclusive packaging, which illuminates and reflects beauty in all it's forms and in the double V that leads back to Viviana Giovannini, the President, and at Vivipharma, the company that researches and produces, the two hearts of Rephase.

Experience and the art of know-how have always been founding values of the Casadio family, which toghetherwith the passion for essences, perfumes and oils, inspire Roberto Casadio to create fragrances that emphasize the essence of the Rephase Being.

This is how an exciting olfactory experience begins, supported by Master perfumers, which led him to give light to a Private Collection in 2019, five unisex fragrances, with invisible and timeless alchemy. An evocative journey where mind, heart and base notes accompany visual suggestions that aruose memories, sensations, emotions. Notes that speak of us, that tell about us without describing us. Unplublished and refined accords and olfactory paths in which the tradition of Rephase expertise continues..