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The Luxury of feeling Beautiful

The Rephase dermo-cosmetic range offers the ultimate well-being experience in the cosmetic world, for women who seek the emotion and performance of the most exclusive formulas.
Rephase was created in 2003, thanks to the intuition and passion of our President Viviana Giovannini, who has always had a deep understanding of the maximum expression of beauty.

Going beyond the dream, providing a real and exclusive cosmetic experience. This is the company’s mission and, over the years, it has become the very reason why our customers choose our brand and are so loyal to our products.

We strive to take quality standards to new heights of excellence by using active ingredients, biotechnologies and raw materials that are exceptionally rare, to make women feel happier and more beautiful, “because beauty is an art that produces pleasure human nature cannot live without”.

A new concept linked to tactile and olfactory sensations which, only when tried and experienced, is able to convey the unique nature of REPHASE cosmetic products.

Research and Development


In our Laboratories, every formula becomes a biotechnology virtuosity, a scientific and intellectual legacy to protect and preserve over time. Research and selection of exclusive and precious molecules demonstrate the values that have always represented Vivipharma Laboratories in the global dermocosmetics market.

Total and periodic quality control is clinically and dermatologically certified by Italy’s most prestigious Universities. Continuing education and innovation ensure timeless products.

The uniqueness of our brand is further corroborated by the use of precious raw materials, such as gold, platinum, silver, diamond, emerald, topaz, ruby, organic rare plant extracts, and 100% natural fragrances. The Rephase philosophy is to create limited edition products distributed exclusively among selected Luxury Partners. Each treatment is developed to create dermocosmetic products like no other.

The Rephase products are hypoallergenic, clinically and dermatologically tested.
Nickel Tested - Paraben Free